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The fraud of pantypopo, and/or ‘she may not have intended harm, but it’s a problem that so many forwarded this rubbish’

March 19, 2017

I spent several hours recently looking at her figures and came to the same conclusion as well, that sloppy conclusions and figures had been drawn.
As STP writes, this is not credible information. We must all be careful to share factual information as best we can. Let the facts lead us wherever they will, rather than trying to simply find facts that seem to support one’s conclusions so far. We all need to read from the widest range of sources for general news or for any particular topic, because all news sources have their editorial biases. Even the New York Times and Washington Post, or whatever source we might consider the most reliable. We must consider the credibility of their sources, discard what does not seem credible, then sort through the evidence, and using our best critical thinking skills, draw our own conclusions, and think for ourselves. It’s important to make decisions based on the information at hand so far, not just waffle about. But then continue to be open to new information and ideas as they come along, and be willing to change our minds if the information and reasoning are sound and point us in a different direction.


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