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Censored from Scoop: Green Party sex self-identification proposals are “transphobic”

July 6, 2018

” I argue that while the falsification of historic documents and identification papers may appeal to some trans-identified individuals on a personal level, it is not in the interests of trans-identified people as a group. In fact, proposals that erase evidence of gender transition to conflate it with biological sex can easily be viewed as “transphobic”, to use the language of transactivism, since they involve a refusal to confront the realities of gender transition in favour of systematic invisibility.”

writing by renee

I am getting very used to censorship by so-called leftist outlets. Scoop Media published this article on May 28 this year, and on July 3, I happened to notice that it had disappeared from the website. Scoop editor Joe Cederwall and director Alastair Thompson had removed it without consulting with me or letting me know.

When I asked Cederwall about this, he told me that “unfortunately, it is out of my hands”. Thompson, who is apparently living happily in France, then e-mailed me to say my writing was censored because “your approach to the subject matter lacked subtlety. In addition your combative approach to communicating your views, both on Scoop and elsewhere, appeared unlikely to result in the kind of constructive debate”.

I suppose that every other Scoop writer fulfills the outlet’s criteria of being “subtle” and suitably submissive, lest they be censored without discussion or notice. Well then, so…

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