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Sisters (can’t) Speak: A response to the Wellington Zinefest organisers from the Zinefest des Refusés!

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Though I’ve never had a stall before, I love the Wellington Zinefest and look forward to it each year. I’ve got a pile of zines at home that I’ve bought, swapped, collected and en…

Source: Sisters (can’t) Speak: A response to the Wellington Zinefest organisers from the Zinefest des Refusés!

‘Language changes, deal with it’

Great article and analysis.

language: a feminist guide

Last October the writer Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett told her followers on Twitter how her boyfriend had reacted to her new Georgia O’Keeffe print—by complaining that ‘you’ve put a big vagina on our wall’. Then she added:

Ten points for the first pedant who tweets me “it’s a vulva”. Language changes, deal with it.

As you’ll know if you read my post lamenting the state of most people’s female genital vocabulary, when it comes to ‘vagina’ and ‘vulva’ my feminist heart is with the pedants. But in my linguist’s head I know that Cosslett is right. The meaning of a word is its use in the language. If enough people understand a word to mean X, then X is what it means.

Even pedants, if pressed, will generally acknowledge that language changes, and that the meanings of words are no exception. ‘Silly’ no longer means ‘holy’. ‘Vagina’ no longer means…

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Queer fascists attempt to ban feminist books from a women’s library

Great write-up and analysis, Purplesagefem. Thank you! This is going in my questioning transgender binder to share with people offline.

Purple Sage

Women in Vancouver have created a women’s library to promote writing by women authors and “continue the legacy of women-run bookstores.” The library is run by women volunteers. Despite the fact that they announce themselves as queer-positive right on their website, with a “queer space” sign and a notice that the library is for “all self-identified women and girls,” a group of “radical queers” have launched an attack against the library.

Guerrilla Feminist Collective reports the following intimidation tactics used at the library:

“Last night we had to push through physical intimidation and lots of verbal nonsense to enter the new Vancouver Women’s Library.

Anti-feminist protesters actually showed up for once! They were welcomed inside (snowing, cold, everyone was welcome), but asked to leave when they tried to tear down feminist posters in the space and continued their physical intimidation inside. Police had to be called for fear of destruction…

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Well put! Thank you.

My Only Path to Power

“CRIMESTOP means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction.”

“How necessary it was, to free human beings from their instincts, to format and reprogram their minds so that they could overcome all their natural instincts.” – George Orwell, 1984

CRIMESTOP is not a legit thing.

I’m not required to train my brain to think:

  • Men are women
  • Straight men are lesbian women
  • The oppressor class is the oppressed class
  • Choosing not to convert children into the opposite sex is conversion therapy
  • Cutting off one’s body parts is true acceptance of oneself

The act of disbelieving these…

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A Teen Therapist Writes About Gender Identity Issues — Sally’s Story

Great counseling. Not the “conversion therapy” transactivists label everything but transit affirmation.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

Sasha Ayad, M. Ed., LPC  is a therapist with extensive experience working with teens, and gender defiant teens in particular. When she started to notice her bright, creative gender defiant teen patients feel that they needed to define themselves by picking a label that then sometimes encouraged them to make permanent changes to their bodies, Sasha found herself thinking critically about this trend. She has researched gender identity issues in teens extensively, and has a private practice where she works to support gender questioning youth. In Sasha’s words

“I use non-judgmental, compassionate, dialogue that focuses on exploration rather than immediately seeking to affirm and transition your child. Together with your teen and family, we consider multiple complex factors that may contribute to their dysphoria, including social, cognitive, environmental, physical, and emotional factors. Treatments may include mindfulness, somatic, and integrative techniques as well as confidence-building, and age-appropriate sexual identity exploration…

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Disappointing your friends/ being weird and ok

Wonderful post from a detransitioning F2F trans.

Words by Maria Catt

Wow, I really am addicted to making videos. It’s fun because it’s like standup but I don’t have to 1) make people laugh or 2) leave my apartment.

It is strange to go from having a secret pseudonym blog for a year and half to making videos every three days. Let’s be real- it’ll probably be no good for my writing. But it’s fun in another way.

I felt really tired at the end of this week, and that feeling kind of culminated in me getting into it on twitter with Julia Serano, which….man, it actually felt totally ok. She should watch how she talks about other people’s lives if she doesn’t want to get called out about it.

It’s interesting how much energy maintaining a separation in yourself takes. For the past year and a half I’ve been writing a secret blog (I told a lot of my friends…

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Only People Who Subscribe to Gender Ideology Can Misgender

Very smart critique of the trans accusation of “engendering” someone. I have a different view of gender, but still agree with almost all ethos.

Lesbian + Women's Liberationist

Since the vast majority of people are referring to the male sex when they use the terms he, him, and his and the female sex when they use the terms she, her, and hers, they do not misgender anyone with pronouns. Some of these people have called me he and him, but that’s because they thought I was male, not because they thought I had any particular gender identity. They sex and mis-sex people with pronouns, but they do not gender or misgender anyone with pronouns. Most people don’t even know what gender identity means, so they certainly aren’t ascribing any gender identity to anyone.

Only people who subscribe to the concepts of gender identity and gender-based pronouns (rather than sex-based pronouns) can misgender, and they can only really misgender people who share those ideas. They can’t exactly misgender people who don’t identify with gender, but they can misidentify…

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