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The projections of FETAs (Female-Excluding Trans Activists).

The Prime Directive

I’ve discussed in the past how advocates of irrational ideologies have no material to attack their opponents with, so their attacks are heavily laced with projections, if not exclusively projections.

A FETA called Miriam Dobson wrote an entry called “Truly radical environmentalism must have anti-oppression at its heart.” This is basically an anti-DGR (Deep Green Resistance) screed, which I find despicable in itself, but I’ve chosen this entry specifically because virtually every single criticism raised by Dobson is actually a projection of what FETAs are doing. It provides us with a wide overview of all that’s wrong with trans genderism.

Just so it’s clear, let me restate what I mean by trans genderism: I mean by that an ideology which uses transgender people as an argument to rationalize the existence of gender. Trans genderists (FETAs) believe that individuals whose “gender identity” (a nonsense concept) clashes with…

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Are Male Trans Peaceful?

Consider here in the U.S., we have Martin Luther King Jr day, annually.

How peaceful would it be if white people such as Rachel Dolezal, who claim to be black or people of color, and call themselves “transracial,” showed up at an MLK Day parade, with a contingent and banners about being “transracial,” and claiming they’re more oppressed than African Americans?

Would that be peaceful?

Censored from Scoop: Green Party sex self-identification proposals are “transphobic”

” I argue that while the falsification of historic documents and identification papers may appeal to some trans-identified individuals on a personal level, it is not in the interests of trans-identified people as a group. In fact, proposals that erase evidence of gender transition to conflate it with biological sex can easily be viewed as “transphobic”, to use the language of transactivism, since they involve a refusal to confront the realities of gender transition in favour of systematic invisibility.”

writing by renee

I am getting very used to censorship by so-called leftist outlets. Scoop Media published this article on May 28 this year, and on July 3, I happened to notice that it had disappeared from the website. Scoop editor Joe Cederwall and director Alastair Thompson had removed it without consulting with me or letting me know.

When I asked Cederwall about this, he told me that “unfortunately, it is out of my hands”. Thompson, who is apparently living happily in France, then e-mailed me to say my writing was censored because “your approach to the subject matter lacked subtlety. In addition your combative approach to communicating your views, both on Scoop and elsewhere, appeared unlikely to result in the kind of constructive debate”.

I suppose that every other Scoop writer fulfills the outlet’s criteria of being “subtle” and suitably submissive, lest they be censored without discussion or notice. Well then, so…

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No Hormones: Boston Marathon to allow men to compete as female on the basis of feelings alone

Feminists,.Is this ok with you?


Boston bound- Stevie Romer (Image Credit: Marathon

The Boston Marathon- where officials once tried to drag Kathrine Switzer off the field by brute force– has announced that any man can now compete as a female without restriction. There is no requirement for any social or medical “gender” change, simply a declaration that one “feels like” a woman, at least on the day of the race.

ABC News reports at least five men who identify as transgender have qualified and are set to race:

“In 1967, a Boston Marathon official nearly dragged a woman off the course after she managed to enter the men’s-only race. Five decades later, race officials aren’t as concerned about gender boundaries: They’re now publicly acknowledging that transgender runners can compete using the gender they identify with.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” said Tom Grilk…

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Are All-Women Shortlists Transphobic?

By Helen Saxby – Brilliant post! – fmnst

Are All-Women Shortlists Transphobic?

Transgender Kids: Are We Doing More Harm Than Good?


We must teach youth this basic feminist message, to counteract “transgender” messages: love and accept your body, reject sex roles (gender)

I made his comment on a UK website today (The Telegraph). The Brits seem more skeptical than Americans about “transgender” at this point:

It’s great to see almost 100% of commenters on “transgender” articles either think “transgender” is nonsense, or disagree with the latest antics of transactivists.

Editors and advertisers: please take note. People are afraid (and threatened) into not speaking up, except where they can comment anonymously, or under pseudonyms.


Feminists had it right in the 1970s:

We all need need to learn to accept and make peace with our bodies, as they are naturally.

We need to reject sex roles (gender) and instead become whole human beings, developing all of our capabilities, including rejecting the idea that males can and should dominant, and that women can and should be subordinate.

The male doctors and clients who developed the concept of “transgender” have somehow missed (ignored) that feminist message for the last 4 1/2 decades.

So it is up to the rest of us to teach the feminist message, above, to our youth:

– Figure out how to love and accept your body.

– Reject sex-roles (gender).

– Be whole, equal human beings, not stereotypes of males and females.