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April 14, 2017

Well done, WoLF and Hands Across the Aisle! Thank you – much needed.

Please read and sign, everyone. You can sign with a pen name, which I strongly recommend, for your safety and career protection.


Restore the Safety and Privacy of Women in HUD-Funded Emergency Shelters!

The Hands Across the Aisle Coalition has decided that it’s time for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to restore the safety and privacy of homeless and abused women who seek refuge in HUD-funded emergency shelters.

Federally-funded women’s shelters are presently required to admit male clients who claim to feel female, or risk closing their doors to the women who desperately need them. Traumatized women who object to sharing sleeping and bathing quarters with men have been stripped of the right to complain, and could lose their place in a shelter for continuing to do so.

Our coalition believes that this is an injustice in need of immediate remedy.

Currently, the final Housing and Urban Development Rule, “Equal Access in Accordance with an Individual’s Gender Identity in Community Planning and Development Programs,” 81 Fed. Reg. 64763 (Sept. 21, 2016,) requires…

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