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How is this not a cult?

March 24, 2017


“Could I be MtF?” asks a 14 year old male in the middle of puberty: He’s not unhappy with his male body, in fact he explicitly says he’s happy with it.

This is how fast it can happen. In days. How does a teen go from “I’m happy in my body” to “I NEED black market hormones to transition” in a week?

…because that’s how teen brains work: instant gratification. Lack of insight. Planning, judgment, the ability to consider future consequences, and self monitoring are simply not mapped into the neurons yet.

Then why is it—WHY—that the cutting edge in trans thinking and activism now is that “gatekeeping” is awful; that people shouldn’t have to wait at all for treatment; that “informed consent” is enough, and we need to let people start hormones and initiate surgery even younger? ACCESS is the magic word now.

When will the medical and psychological professions wake up?

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