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Disappointing your friends/ being weird and ok

August 15, 2016

Wonderful post from a detransitioning F2F trans.

Words by Maria Catt

Wow, I really am addicted to making videos. It’s fun because it’s like standup but I don’t have to 1) make people laugh or 2) leave my apartment.

It is strange to go from having a secret pseudonym blog for a year and half to making videos every three days. Let’s be real- it’ll probably be no good for my writing. But it’s fun in another way.

I felt really tired at the end of this week, and that feeling kind of culminated in me getting into it on twitter with Julia Serano, which….man, it actually felt totally ok. She should watch how she talks about other people’s lives if she doesn’t want to get called out about it.

It’s interesting how much energy maintaining a separation in yourself takes. For the past year and a half I’ve been writing a secret blog (I told a lot of my friends…

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